The Cat Club is the size of a hankie, which makes it all the better for rockin’ in an intimate setting. Larry started out the set with “On The Radio”, the opening track in his CD ”Where I Stand.” Backed by the excellent Curt Piar on bass and Theron Derrick on drums, Larry proved that even a guy killed at the Sunnydale High School graduation has what it takes to make you move. The band flawlessly moved on to the next song, the acoustic ballad “Back Home,” which while a ballad, was not syrupy at all.


Theron Derrick and Curt Piar keep the pace.

Larry addressed the audience for the first time after this song, saying that they’ll be playing mostly their own songs, and some new material they had finished working on recently, like the next song, “Still” which he’d made available at his MySpace page just the night before. He described it as “a song you write after you break up with someone, when you think you’re over them and then…”

Next, Larry asked who among those in attendance had seen “Walk The Line,” where he’d played Marshall Grant, bass player for Johnny Cash. A few hands (including mine) went up, and he proceeded to regale us with a rockin’, fast and furious version of “Folsom Prison Blues” which had nothing to envy the original.


Larry rocks "Folsom Prison Blues."

More songs from his original album came – “Precious Time,” “Rain On My Parade,” and “Player with a Heart.” We had a chance to shoot Larry live during one of the songs, and we’ll have the exclusive video only available on (thanks to Larry’s generosity) in the next day or so.

Larry ended the show with another new song, “Done Giving Love,” which still made us rock. The oh-too-short set left us wanting more and we hope we have another chance of catching this great band once again, with a longer set, in the very near future.

If you want to see what the show looked like, swing by our gallery. We have a whole album for you.

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