Riley Smith and Mircea Monroe

Rochelle Aytes was there to lend its support to Tim and Nathan Filliion, the star of the show, as well as to the rest of the cast. Kevin Alejandro (Winston Salazar), Riley Smith (Rob Laird), Mircea Monroe (Ellie Laird) and Rochelle Aytes (Leigh Barnthouse) were all on hand for the event, as shown on the pictures that accompany this article.

Rochelle Aytes, Kevin Alejandro, Mircea Monroe and Riley Smith

In addition to the free $25 in gas (which in this day and age is a lot, even if this reporter saw a woman arguing with the attendant over the fact that "the tank is not full"), people were given fake driver’s licenses belonging to the different characters on the show, as well as bumper stickers and other promotional materials and, in some cases, even a free Jamba Juice smoothie (that was delicious.)

All in all, it was a very successful promotional stunt. Special thanks to gas station attendant Mike…

Mike in his "Drive" gear

…for hooking us up with a fake license for Alex Tully…

…and to Riley and Mircea for talking to us in exclusive about the show and their roles in it.

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