The film is about five friends who decide to take a vacation at one of their cousin’s cabin. A jock (Hemsworth), his girlfriend (Hutchison), her shy friend(Connolly), the guy they’re trying to fix her up with (Williams) and their stoner friend (Kranz) arrive at the cabin and stumble onto it’s creepy past.

Sounds like something craptacular SyFy would run at 3AM when they run out of infomercials and wrestling, doesn’t it? IT’S NOT! 

As someone who is not a horror fan I found this film to be smart, funny and by the third act, wall to wall bonkers. One thing this film does is take every horror movie cliche and turns it around, even more so than Buffy. This film is basically every horror movie ever made sprinkled in with Joss and Drew’s particularly twisted sense of humor.

Speaking of humor, while everybody in the cast gets moments, Fran Kranz seems steal the show with some of the funniest lines as the permanently stones voice of reason Marty.

These are just some of my initial impressions after sitting through the movie with a big stupid grin on my face. But don’t take my word for it, go see it when it’s released on April 13th. And then go see it again with friends.


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